9 Romantic Valentine Gift ideas for Him

A romantic valentine gift ideas for him is just the way to draw the curtains on a valentine’s morning.

Finally, the much anticipated valentine day is here. The most romantic time of the year! A perfect day to express your heartfelt feelings to your significant other.

After a whole year of staying home, 2021 is looking promising as hearts are all a flutter, and lovers are getting ready to take this year’s valentine to another new level.

It is this light that Foodluna presents you 9 most romantic valentine gift ideas for that special someone which are below:

Food Tray valentine gift idea for him

food tray

It is widely believed that most men are foodies and the only way to win over their heart is by putting food in their stomachs. If you want to steal the heart of your secret crush, giving him food  is one of the ways to win his heart without stress.

how? Treat him to romantic dinner on valentine and i bet you, he is yours fi life

Order for sumptuous yet romantic meals like homemade jollof rice and chicken, semovita and eforiro, from the Foodluna App.

 To order, download Foodluna App on your android and iOS device and enjoy great services.

Cakes and Cupcakes


Everybody loves cake. Tell me what is cuter than a surprise delivery of red velvet cake at your doorstep?

Are you a crème and fondant or butter icing lover? Order the best cakes in Lagos and get fireworks for free. Hurry now! Download the Foodluna App.

Grilled Chicken Shawarma

chicken shawarma

No matter who you choose to celebrate your valentine’s day with, delicious grilled chicken shawarma is non-negotiable.

Ensure you treat yourself with one of these nice looking and tasty shawarma. To enjoy grilled chicken shawarma, download the Foodluna App and select any restaurant of your choice to enjoy the best services.

Romantic Cookies as valentine gift ideas for him

romantic cookies

There are several ways to say “I love you”. One of such ways is surprising your significant other with adorable cookies.

Ranging from red velvet cookies, heart-shaped cookies, marshmallows to pie cookies, all come with a special taste.

Enjoy this season of love with these adorable cookies. To order, download our App on play store or App store.

Exotic Wine

Exotic wine

Spice things up this valentine with red wine. Red wine or any type of wine is perfect for setting a romantic mood for a perfect valentine’s date with your man.

 Order your partner’s favorite wine simply by downloading the Foodluna App on your Smartphone for free.

Chocolates and Candy, a unique valentine gift idea for him

chocolates and candy

Are you looking for a cute valentine’s gift idea that doubles a unique experience?

Charm that special person with varieties of goodies, chocolate, candies, and collectibles from our App and give your loved ones dazzling moment of sweet and lollypop experience.

Small Chops

Small chops

Where are my small chops lovers? Order for your mouth-watering small chops simply by downloading the Foodluna App.  

Think- Spring rolls, baby puff puff, Samosa, chicken, mini donuts, gizzard, snail, gizdodo, coconut candy, kebab, stick meat and many more.

Perfect Rainbow Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad

How colorful and adorable can your valentine be without having one of these healthy fruit salads?

Take your man on a trip to the tropics with fresh fruits like strawberries, peaches etc. without leaving his home.

Nourishing Parfait/Smoothies


Who says parfait and smoothies can’t be cute as a valentine’s gift idea for him?  Smoothies and parfait are the best options.

Buy plain, thick and rich parfait for your man and enjoy a bubble twist of love this valentine.

Order your nourishing smoothies and parfait from any of your favorite restaurants. Simply download the Foodluna App and enjoy exclusive offers.



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