These days in Nigeria, having a decent breakfast is becoming tasking, with the hustle and bustle going on and the constant need to leave the home very early to meet up with work and business demands.

Before now, breakfast could be just toasted bread and tea, bean cake and pap, or left-over of the previous nights food, but nowadays, numerous meals have been incorporated into the breakfast menu for most Nigerian homes.

Here are the 5 common Nigerian breakfast dishes.

1)  Akara and Pap/Akamu

Very common Nigerian breakfast dish. In most homes, Akara is bought from street steaming hot. Some people for different reasons, process and fry theirs at home. Akara is a beans fritter made from beans paste, while the pap is a paste made from grains, mostly corn but also millet, etc. It’s turned into a gruel to go with the Akara using boiling water.

  • Moi-Moi with Custard or Pap

Moi-Moi is a type of steamed pudding made from beans. The process of preparing Moi-Moi is quite tedious. Alternatively, to save time and energy, Moi-Moi can be bought already made. It’s taken with pap/custard or can be taken alone.

  • Okpa

Okpa is the local name for Bambara nuts. It’s also the name of the boiled pudding made with the Bambara nut powder. very common in eastern parts 0f Nigeria, it is not tedious to prepare, but you hardly come across any who make their own Okpa, rather most people prefer to buy from the numerous Okpa vendors. it can also be combined with Pap/Akamu or eaten solely.

  • Koko and Akara

Koko is a gruel similar to Pap. It’s deliciously spicy and is made from millet. This is a staple breakfast dish that is very common in Northern Nigeria.


2) Bread and ‘tea’

This is the simplest breakfast dish in Nigeria. In most homes, this is the go-to breakfast dish. It’s loved by both adults and children, it is quick and easy to throw together. Bread and ‘tea’ can be accompanied by boiled egg, fried egg, butter, etc.

‘Tea’ here refers to any of coffee, tea, chocolate beverages etc.

3)  Instant Noodles/Spaghetti/ Macaroni

This is another ubiquitous breakfast dish that can be served as breakfast, lunch, and even dinner in most Nigerian homes. It’s so common that there are noodle stands at street corners dishing out delicious noodle dishes all day, all night. It’s so convenient, cheap, and easy to prepare that it will give bread and tea a run for the money in Nigerian homes. It’s mostly served with boiled/fried egg.


4) Ewa agoyin and Bread

Ewa Agoyin is mashed-up beans porridge served with a special stew. It’s served with soft chewy bread popularly called Agege Bread. This is the most common breakfast sold on the streets of Lagos and other southwestern states of Nigeria.


5)  Yam/Plantain and Stew

This is another delicious breakfast dish regular in Nigeria and can also be eaten as lunch or dinner. The yam or Plantain may be boiled or fried, depending on the preference of the consumer. Some people may also opt for fried sweet potatoes to go along with the stew.



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