Nigerian BBQ Fish: A perfect valentine meal

What’s so special about Nigerian BBQ fish?

Well, the extra chili that leaves your nose dripping and forehead filled with sweat makes it special.

Nigerian Barbeque Fish has always been a favorite meal for most people. They have fully embraced the concept of barbequed fish and taken it to another level.

It is difficult to find a Nigerian who does not love barbeque fish.. I can say this is as a result of the pleasant taste and satisfying flavour that accompanies it. 

The amazing health benefits of Fish barbeque cannot be over emphasized. The health benefits include but are not limited to High protein, low fat, source of omega-3 fatty acids, source of calcium, source of iron, promote healthy heart, promote beautiful skin and health, just to mention few. 

Nigerian-made barbeque are not exempted from the above-mentioned benefits, in fact they compete well in taste and nutrients when compared to the other parts of the world with the credits going out to the top-notch chefs we’ve got in this part of the world.   

Surprisingly, the addition of tatashe which is a particular form of red bell pepper gives the fish the redness after it has been grilled.

There are hundreds of fish species that work well for barbeque among them are; Croacker, tuna fish, Tilapia fish, catfish, snapper, salmon, etc

For best results, using Tilapia fish is perfect. It contains a very high protein, vitamins, minerals and low calories. 

This means that it helps strengthen the body system and builds the bone.

The following ingredients are needed to prepare the Nigerian BBQ Fish; 1 big tilapia fish, ginger, garlic, onions.

Others include; bonnet pepper, onions, parsley, tomatoes, seasoning cubes, vegetable oil, suya spice, green and red bell pepper(tatashe).

How to Prepare Nigerian BBQ Fish

1. Remove the scale and thoroughly wash the fish.

2. Make fish incisions/slits.

3. Mix vegetable oil with the ingredients.

4. Gently rub the marinade within the incisions/slits.

5. After waiting for about an hour or two, oil your grill rack and put the fish on the grill.

6. In the process of grilling, pour a little marinade, rotate the fish. Mke sure it cooks well for 30/45 minutes.

7. Serve it hot with the blended marinade, extra onions and green pepper.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, why not surprise your loved ones with a Nigerian BBQ fish?

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