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How do I locate Restaurant’s near me? Often than not, this is the question that pops up whenever you think of a pure, authentic, and nice cuisine in a fancy restaurant.

Foodluna banner to order food online from local restaurants near you

Although restaurants may offer wide services to customers to select from, it’s not always one is chanced to dine-in/visit a restaurant. That’s where the online food delivery platform comes to play.

The joy of being able to order your favorite meal just by tapping your phone through the menus and delicacy is second to none.

Online food delivery services like foodluna and Jumia, amongst others, offer you the convenience to order your favorite meal from preferred restaurants without having to leave your comfort zone.

Below are the top 5 iOS apps for iPhone users to locate restaurants near you

Foodluna App to locate a restaurant near me

Foodluna app is a top Online Food Order and Delivery Service provider in Lagos.

You can locate a restaurant near you on the App in the towns of Lagos and have your order delivered easily and fresh right at your door-step.

The foodluna app also has sorting options that allow customers to locate and simplify nearby restaurants.

 It also allows the merchants and customers to monitor your delivery.

Another interesting news about the foodluna app is that it has made offerings that better suits the middle and low class. Interesting right? when you browse the app, you can get a MEAL for as low as N300. cool right? yeah super cool.

Ranging from your favorite mouth-watering Nigerian cuisine like semovita and efo riro, Amala, gbegiri, and ewedu plus brokoto down to intercontinental dishes, pizza, and shawarma. Foodluna is your best plug.

 To Download the Foodluna iOS App, click:

Jumia food App

Jumia App is an online delivery service that offers a wide variation of menus from different restaurants.

You can enjoy endless memories by installing the Jumia App on your iPhone anywhere and everywhere in Lagos.

Jumia app also offers vendor subsidiaries named supermarket, party, and pharmacy where you can shop for all kinds of drinks, drugs, and electronics.

To download click:

Locate a restaurant near me through the Yelp app

The Yelp app also provides online delivery services for customers to order their meals with convenience. 

With the app, you get to discover new local delicacies, food delivery, and restaurants near me.

You can also read reviews to help you decide which one best works for you.

To download click:

Zomato App

iPhone users can also locate nearby restaurants lounges and more by entering the location on the Zomato app.

Once you find a place that picks your interest you select to view the menu and price list.

To download click:

OpenTable App

Asides from allowing iPhone users to locate restaurants near me, the OpenTable App also gives suggestions on choice and dining history.

Streamline your search with dozens of options on price, cuisine and get a feel of the restaurant right there.

To download click:

In conclusion, Online food delivery service is gradually gaining ground in this part of the world. Online platforms like Foodluna amongst others are racing their way to capture their stake in the market.

Another interesting news is that the Foodluna App has made offerings that better suits the middle and low class. Interesting right? Foodluna to the world. See our post on how to locate nearby restaurants that fit your budget.


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