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Merchant FAQs

What value does Foodluna offer to me as a merchant on the platform?

Partnering with Foodluna as a seller brings so many benefits. Basically, Foodluna offers to make the food business more profitable by using technology and advanced marketing strategy to increase sales, manage orders and promote your business to a wider audience so that you can concentrate on other aspects of your business.

Who Delivers the Products to the customers?

Kindly note that you will handle the product delivery at the moment. The delivery fee will be paid by the customers. Ensure to deliver the order on time and well packaged. Foodluna will assist with delivery in the nearest future.

What is the percentage commission charged by Foodluna?

Foodluna charges a 7% commission on the total amount of each order successfully completed.

Our greatest goal is that our merchants make maximum profit that is why our percentage is over 100% lower than what is found in the industry.

Who receives the payment from customers?

The Customer pays Foodluna, and Foodluna pays the merchant after the order has been fulfilled. This way Foodluna provides security for both merchant and customer

When do I receive my money after I fulfill an Order?

Your earnings will automatically be transferred to your bank account within 24hrs, the minimum payout amount is ₦1000 naira. You will track your earnings through the Foodluna web portal.

How do I know when I have an order?

The merchant app will notify you when you have an order, and you will also receive an email informing you of the new order.

Ensure that your phone is connected to the internet at all times, the merchant app does not consume data at all.

You may also receive a phone call from Foodluna’s customer care representative informing you about the order, so there is no way you will miss an order.

How can I be sure the customer has paid Foodluna before proceeding with the order?

The customer pays online using credit/debit cards before the order is placed, so you can go ahead and fulfill the order right away.

Once you receive an order you can start working on the order immediately

How can I update my merchant info, phone number, prices, etc?

You can update and edit your profile, prices, and any other information regarding your store using the merchant app. But we strongly advise that you get in touch with the Foodluna Merchant Setup Team for all changes to be made. You can reach them on Telegram through 08095423592

The following changes must be promptly communicated to Foodluna regarding your business in general

  • Change of Address/ Location
  • Change in opening and closing time
  • Change of Phone Number
  • Changes in Menu items, Prices, sizes, Add-on items, etc
  • Business temporary or permanent closure
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