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Merchant Orientation

Foodluna, the online food marketplace is an online marketplace connecting consumers, food businesses, and delivery agents through its platform in major cities of Nigeria.

Parties that make up the Foodluna Marketplace

There are three parties that meet to do business on the Foodluna platform, the parties are:

  1. Customers: These are the people that want to buy
  2. Merchants: These are the businesses that want to sell, businesses of all sizes are welcome on the Foodluna platform. In general, we have two major categories of sellers
    • Cook From Home Sellers: Merchants that cook from home
    • Merchant With Physical Outlet: These are merchants that have a physical shop or restaurant where customers can dine-in
  3. Delivery Agents: These are the people and businesses that want to deliver food

Products thats can be sold on Foodluna

All ready-to-eat food products, this means any food product that does not require further processing in order to be consumed. This included and not limited to jollof rice, shawarma, bread, cake, smoothies, etc.

On-Demand Products

Foodluna has created an on-demand food delivery system, whereby anyone can order food through the Foodluna App and gets the food within minutes. On-demand products are sold by merchants that have their products available and ready to be dispatched as soon as they received an order.

Merchants with physical outlets are automatically set up to offer on-demand products. In summary, for on-demand products, it is: need food now, you get it now!

In line with Foodluna’s value proposition, on-demand orders must be delivered within 30 minutes. Failure to deliver within 30 minutes makes the customer lose interest in the food, subject the customers to hunger pang, decrease the customer’s satisfaction, and eventually leaves a bad first impression on the mind of the customer.

Merchants offering on-demand products should ensure to deliver within 30 minutes of receiving the order.

Real-time Product Availability Setting

It is very important for Merchants that offer on-demand products on to set their product availability in real-time.

Product Availability can be done automatically using the Foodluna Inventory System: or manually as shown in the video below.

Whenever and anytime an on-demand product is sold out, then that product’s availability should be updated on Foodluna Via the merchant App immediately so that the product will no longer be visible on the merchant’s storefront and can not be ordered by the customer.

It is very simple and easy to do this, it should not take more than 30 seconds

View the video on how to manually set product availability using the Foodluna Merchant App

Key Requirements for Merchants that offer On-demand Products

  1. Merchants that have their food products already prepared and ready to be delivered to the customer as soon as they received an order. Not merchants that will start to prepare/cook the food after they receive the order.
  2. Order must be delivered within 30 minutes of receiving the order
  3. Merchants that have their own customer base, so cook every day but uses Foodluna to reach out to more customers
  4. Real-time product availability setting
  5. The Merchant should have a physical outlet. Although the majority of merchants that offer on-demand products have physical outlets, there are few exceptions, so far the merchant meet requirements 1,2,3 and 4 above.

Pre-Order Products

Food products that are not currently available, or those that will be prepared upon receiving an order,

If a merchant will start to prepare the food after they received an order, there is no way the customer will be able to get the order within 30 minutes

Merchants that cook from home are mostly in this category, due to several reasons such as lack of physical outlets, little or no customer base, little or no storage facilities, etc. it is understandable for cook from home merchants to wait till they get an order before food preparation.

Through pre-orders, customers can make an order from merchants that cook from home in advance so that the merchant can have enough time to prepare the product and deliver it fresh.

If you cook from home, your store will be on permanent pre-order, except you indicate you can offer on-demand products. The delivery time for pre-order products can be up to 24 hours, but depending on how soon the merchant can deliver, the pre-order delivery time estimation can be set to 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, etc

In summary, for pre-order products, it is order food now, get it later!

Guiding Principle for Size Options for merchants that cook from home

The guiding principle we will be working with while setting product’s size options for merchants that cook from home is this question “If you receive just a single (1 quantity) order for this product, will the expected earning of the order be enough to prepare the product?

This is a serious thing to consider especially with “Per Plate” orders. For example, let say a cook from home merchant listed a product titled “Two wraps of pounded yam, egusi soup with 2 pieces of Titus Fish” for N2000

Guiding principle: Will the N1,860 (7% commission deducted) be enough to cover the cost of preparing the food? The merchant will be the one to answer this question. Some cook from home merchants could have ingredients at home, while others will buy all from scratch. Therefore, the guiding principle must be considered by all cook from home merchants in the listing of products on Foodluna.

So whatever works for your business will be what Foodluna will work with. But note that canceled orders and orders delivered late will be investigated by Foodluna and appropriate actions will be taken.

Customer is King!

The customer is King at Foodluna. In fact, for every thriving business, the customers are a very important set of people. So every order and every customer is important to us.

As a merchant on Foodluna, we want you to support us in ensuring that each and every customer enjoy the followings

  • Convenience
  • Affordability
  • On-Demand Service
  • Reliability
  • High Product and Service Satisfaction

We realized that one satisfied customer can become a repeat customer and spread the news to their friends and family, which in turn brings more business to our merchants!

Best Practises as a Merchant

Affordable Product Pricing

Do not inflate the price of your product, sell at the same price that you will sell if they are buying from you physically.

Good Communication

Placing a call to customers, and providing information regarding their order, can put the customer minds at rest and increases their satisfaction

Fast Delivery

Ensure to prepare the food and deliver within the order delivery estimate that you stated in your store. When a 45 mins delivery time turns into 2hrs.

Your customers will not be friendly with you at all and may never order from your store again. Delight your customers with fast delivery as this can keep them coming back for more orders

Good Product Packaging

Ensure that your products are well packaged, using presentable packing materials, in fact you should brand your packaging material using a sticker or printing on the packaging material.

Note that you can charge for packaging on Foodluna, so what is stopping you from using a customized packaging material?

Delivery Agent Appearance Matters

Whoever will be delivering your products to the customer is the person that represents both Foodluna and your store in general. So a delivery agent with a neat appearance and good personal grooming will give the customer an idea of how much you commit to good hygiene generally and in the preparation of the food.

Quality is a Must!

The quality of the food, the taste, the proportions of ingredients used, and the overall nutritional value offered by the products that you are selling matter.

How to Avoid Order cancellations

Ensure that you go far and beyond in fulfilling orders that you receive through Foodluna, each customer that orders from merchants on the platform have been directed to our site through paid advertisements and other marketing efforts.

Order cancellations should be avoided on the part of merchants. The followings will help

  • Maintain a working contact number that can be reached at all times.
  • Ensure to have an internet-enabled phone with the Foodluna Merchant App installed: The merchant app is a shop in your hands, with it you can manage and operate your Foodluna business on the go, download it from Google Playstore “Foodluna for Merchant”
  • Ensure that the information supplied for your store setup is correct, information regarding your opening and closing time, product prices, sizes etc
  • Ensure updates regarding your business are promptly communicated to Foodluna for changes to be entered into the system. E.g if you change your business location or if you will not be able to sell due to one reason or the other so that your store can be temporarily closed until you are ready for business again
  • Merchants with physical outlets should ensure that their product availability are promptly updated to avoid customers ordering products that are out of stock
  • Ensure fast delivery of orders
  • Maintain polite and friendly communication with customers at all times and in all situations.

Kindly note that Foodluna has the right to block merchants with poor reviews, poor customer service, low food quality, late delivery, and for any other reason as deemed fit by Foodluna

Our reward and joy are in the accomplishment of our mission and vision.

Foodluna’s Mission

Our mission is to give food entrepreneurs a voice and visibility by providing an online platform for them to become more profitable. We do so by promoting their brands and making their services more accessible to a wider range of customers beyond their immediate sphere regardless of their size or years in the industry.

Supporting and raising women in business is also a God’s given vision at Foodluna, over 95% of our merchants are women and we trust God help us empower women who are called into God’s service in food businesses.

For the career women and women involved in other businesses outside of the food business, it is our mission to reduce the average time women spend in the kitchen while ensuring that they can still feed their family with nutritious food.

Foodluna’s Vision 2023

Our Short-term vision is for FoodLuna to be a household name and the No 1 food ordering and delivery company in every single country in the African continent.

So each successful order brings us closer to the accomplishment of our mission and vision.
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