Top 5 Takeout food delivery App for food lovers

You can order your food online now with great ease, thanks to the growing number of takeout food delivery app.

In your local restaurants, do you ever wait in lines to order a meal when hunger gives you a hard time concentrating? Seriously, then, you need to get acquainted!

 There are a few start-ups that offers takeout food delivery app, whether  you prefer pizza, Chinese food or African cuisine or freshly hot Nigerian made meals.


Foodluna App is a top Online Food Order and Delivery Service provider in Lagos.

You can locate a restaurant near you on the App in the towns of Lagos and have your order delivered easily and fresh right at your door-step in four steps

  • Simply set your location to find restaurants near you,
  • Select your favorite restaurants and browse their menu and select your preferred items,
  • Use the online payment methods or cash on delivery
  • Your food is prepared and ready to be delivered. It’s quick , safe and easy

Ranging from your favorite mouth-watering Nigerian cuisine like semovita and efo riro, Amala, gbegiri, and ewedu plus brokoto down to intercontinental dishes, pizza, and shawarma, foodluna is your best plug.

The foodluna App also allows the merchants and customers to monitor the food delivery.

Another exciting news about the foodluna App is that it has made offerings that better suits the middle and low class. Interesting right? When you browse the App, you can get a meal for as low as N300. Cool right? yeah super cool.  To Download the Foodluna App, click:


jumiafood App is another takeout food delivery app that offers a wide variation of menus from different restaurants.

jumia food also offers vendor subsidiaries named supermarket, party and pharmacy where you can order for all kinds of drugs, drinks and electronics.

you can enjoy endless memories by installing the app on your smart phone anywhere and everywhere


HelloFood is undeniably Nigeria’s No. 1 online food distribution portal, backed by MTN, Millicom and Rocket Internet, as it caters to locations beyond Lagos, including Abuja and Port Harcourt.

Start by selecting your city from the list provided and the area closest to you within the city. A list of restaurants will be shown, containing data such as delivery time, etc

 To place your order, press the ‘Menu’ button. Restaurants that are already open are shown on top, but by clicking on a ‘pre-order’ tab, you’re still able to schedule a future order.


CityChops owned and operated by CityChops Internet Company Ltd is a free online food ordering service.

When you select a location from the automated list, a list of restaurants will be provided, with the option of going through the menu and decide whether you want to pick it up or get it delivered to you.

To see meal choices, their cost and availability, press the “View Menu” tab. A default sorting button is also available to sort meals according to popularity, price or creativity.

Naijaeats, Takeout Delivery App

Another great place that allows you to order food online from local restaurants in Nigeria is

Start by choosing the part of the city where you are located. Select a restaurant that suit your needs, then check out by choosing a pay-on-delivery or online credit card payment option. In less than an hour, your meal is then delivered to you.

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