What We Do – Foodluna.com

Foodluna.com is a leading global online food delivery company, connecting tens of thousands of consumers with over 600 local restaurants through our websites and apps. We offer an online marketplace where consumers, food businesses, and delivery agents meet in major cities of Nigeria.

As an online food delivery marketplace, Foodluna.com facilitates the online ordering, payment and occasionally, fulfillment of orders. We utilize a hybrid model which builds on our marketplace heritage (where restaurants do their own delivery) and we are working on logistics capability (for select restaurants without their own delivery capabilities). This model ensures consumers have the widest possible variety of restaurants to order from

Consumers can order via our mobile applications and our website. We derive our revenue principally from the commissions we charge restaurants based on the revenue generated from the food ordered through our marketplace and, to a lesser extent, from the service fee charged to customers per order.